Welcome to Island Seas Air Charter

Welcome to Island Seas Air Charter

Welcome to Island Seas Air CharterWelcome to Island Seas Air CharterWelcome to Island Seas Air Charter

About Us


Our Background

Island Seas' pilots have been providing safe and exceptional charter and corporate services for the past 12 years. We are located at the Lakefield Airport in Celina, Ohio. We have one goal and that's to provide you the safest and best aircraft service possible. 

Chuck Black, the Chief Pilot and Director of Operations, is also an Airline Transport Pilot, a FAA Designated Pilot Examiner and a FAA Authorized Check Airman.  He is also a CFI,CFII,MEI and a Cirrus Certified Instructor Pilot.

Our Services

Charter flights, unlike scheduled flights, don't operate to a strict schedule but tailor to the flight itinerary of your needs. Commercial airlines fly to only 200-300 airports while charter flights can land at more than 7,000 airports! This affords our clients the flexibility to get closer to their destination in much less time and effort. Rarely are charter flights delayed or cancelled. If you have ever sat in a busy airport terminal because your flight was delayed at some point during its routine, you know the frustration! Island Seas operates on your schedule.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

While working with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience of private air charter. If you have questions about us, our services, or even travel tips, get in touch! We hope you continue to book with us for many years to come.